Join us for a mindful coffee meditation followed 
by Yoga on November 20th at Nage Beauty Salon!

Breathe & Brew is a social workshop event that involves 15-20 minutes of peaceful and intentional mindful meditation with coffee or tea. The purpose of this practice is to not only educate on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation but to adopt it and make it a part of our daily routine for maximum results. Some of the amazing benefits include:
1. Reduces stress and anxiety 2. Promotes clarity, creativity and connection with source (God) 3. Helps us find inner peace and radical acceptance 4. Improves mood and shift emotions in a positive way 5. Promotes a healthier, peaceful and calmer lifestyle 6. Improves focus 7. Decreases emotional reactivity 8. Helps us stay in the present moment 9. Enhances self-insight, self-awareness and intuition 10. Enhances morality, values and principles
Thank you for registering! We will be in contact with you soon!
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